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Tanzania Camping Safari

Budget Safaris offer every type of Safari in Tanzania; from large game viewing, short sightseeing tours, to beach holidays & mountain climbing. Budget Safaris take care of everything.

All Tanzania safaris can be customized to suit travellers on a budget or travellers looking for something a bit more luxurious. Numerous accommodation options are provided throughout our safaris, ranging from Budget, Moderate to high end luxurious lodges

For most people the terms backpacking and budget go hand-in- hand but this doesn’t have to be the case. However short or long the duration of your holiday, whatever the style of your trip and wherever your choice of destination takes you, your holiday can benefit from a little bit of clever money management.

Low Season Rates

During the low season in Tanzania, you can find excellent rates for the private lodges that stay open during the rains. This gives you to the chance get a top notch safari at a fraction of the high season cost. If wildlife is your priority and your budget sits toward the modest end of the scale. In Tanzania, the rain falls between April and May.

Budget Safari Lodges

Tanzania has accommodation ranging from larger safari hotels or resorts to smaller, more exclusive lodges. The larger ones are less expensive in general, but they don’t quite provide that ‘hidden in the bush’ feeling of the more intimate lodges. Of course, the wildlife is there no matter where you stay, so you’ll still get the safari experience of a lifetime, wherever you opt to stay.

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